Prior to becoming a counsellor, I’ve provided programs and private sessions as a Holistic Life Coach, Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist to children,  youth, adults, in several corporations and in the top Montreal private and public schools for K-Gr.11. I have had the pleasure of facilitating day-long workshops on mindfulness in education for the McGill University Distinguished Educators Seminar Series as well as being a mindfulness presenter at TedxMontrealWomen, and the keynote speaker on mindfulness in education for the BA Education graduating class at McGill University and for Montreal's ESL convention SPEAQ.

The essence of my counselling work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify and move through the root of your core challenges by developing greater self-compassion, mindful and CBT practices so you can relate to your thoughts, emotions and sensations in a healthy way and foster a stronger connection to the wisdom, love and peace that dwells within you. My daily mindful living practice has been ongoing since 2004 and began with several months of extensive insight meditation practice in a Thai Forest Buddhist monastery, followed by many more ten to twenty day silent Vipassana meditation retreats over the years. It is with an authentic embodiment of empathy, openness, curiosity, acceptance and non-judgmental present moment awareness that I provide a therapeutic relationship which others state to be warm, friendly, insightful, safe and nurturing.

I have lived throughout Canada in BC, ON, QC, NB, NS and spent seven years living throughout the Mediterranean and Asia. This immersion into urban and rural cultures worldwide has benefited my professional work with clients of diverse cultural backgrounds in economic status, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religious viewpoints so they feel understood, respected and accepted for who they are. I have used somatic therapy, daily mindfulness and self-compassion practices along with the performing arts to heal myself from a long history of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I know that my dedication to my own holistic/mind-body healing has greatly assisted my capacity in supporting others in their healing journey. To provide emotional, mental and spiritual support to others is a true honour, as I care deeply for our global family, and fully believe in our ability to heal and thrive in our own peaceful, loving and compassionate inner sanctuary.

Along with counselling, I am a creative spirit who loves to dance, sing, play, design and be nourished by nature.

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