"Thank you, Charity for your compassionate ear and presence.  Before I started working with her, I wanted to tap into my calm so that I could be present as a new parent. Since working with Charity, she helped me to navigate tough times in a calmer way, and I feel her support has been pivotal in my clarity.  I highly recommend Charity as a compassionate counsellor to anyone who is looking to release, feel calm and feel more at peace throughout their day-to-day."


“My sessions with Charity were incredibly healing and empowering. She always greeted me with a genuine smile and infectious positive energy. After each session I felt more grounded and calmer, each day I could feel more and more change. She gave me many tools and exercises to better understand my emotions, anxiety and past events. In this process, I have been able to truly accept myself. With so much heart and compassion, she was able to guide me in a beautiful self-journey. This was a very life-changing experience in many ways. Charity is an incredible human with so much to give and teach. Thank you for helping me open my heart and grow, our days together will be with me always.”


“I am very grateful to have received counselling from Charity. It has been a life- changing experience. What we have accomplished together in 3 months is mind-blowing, and difficult to summarize in a paragraph. She has taught me grounding and self-compassion techniques, which have helped me be more empathetic and understanding of my trauma.  Learning to heal my body from my past traumas with love in my heart and the safe environment Charity gives has propelled my mind, voice, and body into connection. I am now in my body, for the first time in my life. I finally feel like a whole person.”


"I had the pleasure of working with Charity during a very difficult process regarding childhood trauma and narcissistic parent syndrome. Charity was not only kind and compassionate, but brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our sessions. With a mindful based approach she quickly developed trust and a clear understanding of the issues at hand and then worked with me to navigate those issues in my own way."


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